Saturday, 16 February 2008


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Well here we go again. A day in the life, of a disabused person.

For the record, not that anyone in influence will do anything nor do I have any proof that this incident took place, but I will write it as it occurred, and to heck with the consequences.

At approximately 2130hrs Friday 15th feb 2008, I am walking back after trying to send George Galloway a copy of my blog Cardiff City Centre Protest via a local internet café, unfortunately the service via kept coming up ‘error on page’ I was carrying a sheet of wood that I had seen on the street with the permission of the residence whose house it was outside, carrying it African Style balanced on my head.

When coming from gabalfa interchange was the geezer who lives (is that what you’d call it) in the flat above. On his way home from work, he passed me by said nothing and I returned the silence. By the time I had reached the close I live at (if you can call it live) he was at the top of the close, talking to his fellow bus-driving buddy from number 17.

As I approached they moved towards their entrances, and as I walked passed the front door, (see previous blogs about that) the Tenant of 15A had not closed the front door, and I placed my burden down by the doors that I have placed to stop him and his cronies from damaging my back garden, in order to unlock the padlock there.

When he stepped out and said ‘The council will be sending you a letter to stop switching off this light’

I try not to rise to the bait of these morons, but when his buddy from number 17 who by now was by his front door said ‘he doesn’t listen do you baldy’

I replied ‘ark who’s talking fat man’ to which he replied

‘Why don’t you come here and say that’ so I said
‘Why don’t you come here and say it, you chicken shxx mother-fuxxer’

Just as he meekly closed his front door.

Now I have repeatedly asked the Great and Good for an injunction against these crackers ever speaking to me, but the great and good have turned their backs, the chairman of the council one Rodney Berman as far as I am concerned is culpable in this harassment by refusing to do anything about it, based on the nuisance neighbour complete waste of time booklets that I have filled in for the council over the last 6 years or the video evidence of the cracker from nu 17 performing on the video placed on youtube, that as far as I am aware the Police have done nothing about.

Now I have raised the questions relating to this hall lighting in a previous blog, and one of the reasons that I would like it off apart from the council not wasting tax payers money paying private homeowners lighting, is that it shines all night on my back garden. I don’t think any of the people I have dealt with realise that plants actually enjoy the dark, but then most of the people in this society don’t study what plants get up to in the dark like I have. Go on you might find it fascinating. Plus I am still not convinced that it not totting up on my electric meter.

I rang the cops for an incident number, the 101 civilian operator 80674 appeared to be one of those ball breakers, but she did put me through to her supervisor Mr. Lacy (is that how its spelt Mathew?) who I once again related the occurrence to, and even he misheard me for a moment, regarding the incitement to violence, that the fat man desired, and I mislead Mr. Lacey by saying I said ‘wots it to do with you fat man’ but on reviewing the incident in my mind the exact words came back ‘ark whose talking fat man’

This is the occurrence number that I have been given 62080057707. Mr. Lacy did suggest that as the Great and Good have not assisted me in getting the injunction against these miscreants from speaking to me, I should to go to a solicitor. Do I hold out any hope of legal aid in gaining that based on past attempts for some social justice, not really?

So there we go Judge Hickinbottom, who is likely to believe me, in a 3 to 1 situation, nobody Crazydave so why do I bother writing this. Just to point it out, just to have it on record, and do I think that this letter will arrive from the council, Oh I somehow doubt that, and do I expect them to install a push button system in place of the current leave it on all night once turkey above has entered the building. Oh that would be a miracle, and will I have an independent person look at the wiring and confirm, ‘no its not clocking up on your meter Crazydave’ that would take a miracle.

Or will I be re-housed in a 2-bedroom property or a bungalow where I don’t have to share a house with any other human being. That really would be a fantastic miracle, one you richly deserve Crazydave, one you really, really, really richly deserve. So that I never have to see or hear fat man or his bint on a day to day basis, or the Turkey above disturbing my peaceful enjoyment ever again.

Praise the Lord on that day eh Crazydave. Oh so true.

So Justice Minister, Health n Social Services Minister, first Minister how about you pulling your fingers out and making that miracle happen or are you all going to keep on being culpable in this abuse, guess your all 'in for a penny in for a pound' by now huh? Gone to far in your Criminal Negligence to change tack now.

Well we shall see, and how about you Chief Constable having a good laugh are you at Crazydave’s expense. What about you Mr. Jonathan Morgan AM having a good laugh as well are you. Culpable, culpable, culpable all of you in this harassment, because none of you have done anything to help end it.

Oh Mr. Jonathan Morgan I heard you bleating on BBC Radio Wales last Monday, regarding mental health services, one of the best services the mental health sufferer could have, are homes where they are not subject to other Human Beings bigoted whims.

For easy access here is the link to see the fat man in action on youtube

For a full list of blogs go to

Love n light people in this instance its homes for the vulnerable where they can have peaceful enjoyment i.e. their own not shared with the so called well adjusted who get away with continually abuse.


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